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Sun Oct 27 17:02:15 CET 2013

Dnia 2013-10-27, o godz. 13:20:21
Abdullah <m.abdullah at btinternet.com> napisał(a):

> Hi
> Do you know how to transfer mathematical formulas from LaTeX into
> powerpoint slides? Also, what are your thoughts about Scientific
> Workplace v5.5 ? It allows you to compile and create beautifully
> typeset documents in LaTeX from a toolbar without the hassle of a lot
> of tedious syntax. The link is http://www.mackichan.com/.

A few weeks ago I was editing someone else's file, produced by SW.  It
was a terrible mess.  Maybe the author just couldn't use it...

And if you use LaTeX proper (as opposed to tools which just export
LaTeX - be it SW, LyX or even Org-mode), you potentially have much more
control over your document.

And using a good editor removes much of the "hassle" of the syntax.
(Even though I have a great deal of warm feelings towards TeXworks, I
use Emacs personally; in my opinion, a general-purpose editor is better
than a specialized one like TeXworks.  Hopefully I won't get expelled
from this mailing list for that opinion;)...)

> Abdullah 


Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University

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