[texworks] Wrapping a text in math mode

Pavel Dvořák dvorak.pavel at centrum.cz
Wed Sep 25 09:43:03 CEST 2013

​i all!

Very often when I write a mathematical formula ​within a text paragraph, I
often forget to enclose it in math environment \(...\). What I have to do
then is to cut this expression with CTRL+X, introduce math environment
​ and paste it back into it with CTRL+V.

Is there a way to wrap this ​expression directly in the math environment
​? For example, if I write an expression p_{12}+\log(x) instead of

​, I would like just to select the first expression with my mouse, hit, for
example, CTRL+Y and transform it to the second expression in math mode. ​

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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