[texworks] 'Improved' auto-completion

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Sun Aug 25 15:20:01 CEST 2013

On 17/08/2013 21:43, Herbert Schulz wrote:
> It is now possible to surround a first argument place holder with two #INS# statements, i.e., #INS#•#INS#, and it will be selected; that allows all arguments to have place holders, •, including the first one. Not only that, you can have a place holder that starts with •‹ and ends with › surrounding a comment so you can add a short memory jogger (note: ‹ and › are NOT < and > but open/close single guillemet quotes). When you jump to a comment the complete comment is selected. Finally, AutoComplete in TeXshop retains indentation for those that like to ``pretty print'' environments. PS: that file MUST be saved in UTF-8 Unicode since it uses non-ascii characters and is read in by TeXShop as UTF-8.
Looking over the auto-complete files for TeXworks, this would I think be
a very handy change ported to TeXworks. One of the things that does make
completion slightly odd is the for example


means the outcome in terms of cursor position depends on the
atuo-complete choice.

Another thing I notice is that the use of #INS#/• is at best
inconsistent between apparently similar cases. For example, some
commands have #RET# at the end, others don't, while it would seem
logical to end environments with #RET#• but that's not what is set up.

Quite apart from any clever (or not so clever) ideas about making
completion choices 'context sensitive', I'd love to know what people
think about these two points. The second one could be cleaned up by a
non-developer if there is interest, but the first one I guess would need
some serious programming skills to sort.
Joseph Wright

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