[texworks] Save to and open from a specific folder

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Mon May 6 17:27:58 CEST 2013


I think there is no automatic way to save from TeXworks to a 
specific folder.
But you can save your .tex files in the desired folder using 
the File/Save dialog. The same for your pictures from your 
picture's programme.

Once you have saved a file from TeXworks, using the File / 
Recent files list, you can automatically load a file without 
specifying/searching its path.
(Or you can go to your LaTeX folder and double-clic on the 
file name.)

For the pictures, it will search the image from the folder 
where your .tex file is, just use the graphicx package and 
the instruction \includegraphics[any 
option]{name_of_the_file_ without_extension}.

You could also save your pictures in a sub-folder of your 
Latex (.tex) folder and issue the name of the file accordingly.

Pay attention, as much as possible do not use accented 
characters or blanks in the names of folders and files.

Happy (La)TeXing


Le 6/05/2013 05:36, Hales, Anthony a écrit :
> Hello, I wanted to ask if there is a way that my LaTex
> document (from the TexWorks program) can be saved and opened
> to a specific folder I wish to designate automatically. I am
> really asking this because I wish to store my .png images
> (used for LaTex documents) that I want to include into a
> folder rather than continually adding more to my Documents
> folder where it becomes cluttered. I will try to demonstrate
> below what I am asking below:
> [] Documents (/this is where it automatically saves and
> retrieves any images/)
>     [
>      ()Folder1
>      ()Folder2
>      ()LaTex folder (/this is where I want it to retrieve my
> images and automatically save/)
>      (
> *HERE*
>      )
>      ()Folder3
>      .txt
>      .tex *NOT HERE*
>      .png *NOT HERE*
>      ]
> []Pictures
> []Music
> Anything you could do would help me out a lot, thank you.
> Anthony Hales

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