[texworks] Slow zoom in pdf viewer

Fabian Inostroza totoxahcp at gmail.com
Sun May 5 02:14:59 CEST 2013

Hello, I have built TeXworks (svn) in ArchLinux with GCC 4.8 and when I 
make a zoom in the pdf viewer it is too slow, the magnifier moves slowly 
and the cpu usage is high, before the switch to ArchLinux I was using 
Ubuntu 10.04 and with it the zoom was smooth. So I extracted the same 
svn revision I was using in Ubuntu from a backup and recompiled the code 
in Arch, the results were the same (slow zoom and high cpu usage). Then 
I thought that the problem could be in the Qt libraries but not, in the 
backup also were a texworks executable (built in Ubuntu) that with some 
softlinks to libraries I can run flawless.

Have someone experienced this?
Can be GCC?
Is there some compiler parameter that would fix this?


PD: Sorry my 'English', I'm a Spanish native speaker and writer.

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