[texworks] no "jump to source' choice on the right click menu of PDF

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 12:46:22 CEST 2012


On 2012-10-13 10:14, William Rosenthal wrote:
> I am experiencing the same issue. Allow me to answer the questions you posed to 
> Mr. Wan.
> (0) I have not noticed any issues with the absence of "Jump to source" in the 
> context menu of the previewer before. As for the file with this issue, there are 
> only capital and lowercase letters in the full path to the .tex file.

Very good (I take it you refer to ASCII (i.e., "English") letters, not
some umlauts, dashed characters, Asian characters, or similar.

> (3) Ctrl+LeftClick on the PDF does not work as it has for other documents.

I presume it doesn't work the other way around, either (i.e.,
Ctrl+LeftClick on the editor does not take you to the corresponding
place in the PDF)?

> (4) The term "(re)loading" is unclear. If you mean errors, warnings, or 
> badboxes, there are 3 badboxes upon compiling/rendering. If I close the preview, 
> and then choose "Go to Preview" from the editor menu, there is no output. 
> (Should there be?) The same can be said for the "Jump to PDF" context option 
> when the previewer is closed. I can find no reference to (re)loading in the 
> editor menu bar or context menu.

Sorry for that. What I meant with re(loading) was indeed closing the PDF
and then opening it again (e.g., either via File > Open... or via "Go to
Preview"). With "Is there any message in the status bar" I meant the bar
at the bottom of the PDF preview (not the console output shown during
typesetting). Normally, it just displays the magnification level and the
page numbers, but immediately after loading it usually displays
information about the SyncTeX file (particularly if it was not found)
for a short time (maybe a second or so).
The reason for me asking this was to figure out if Tw finds the SyncTeX
file. If it does, there may be something wrong with the file itself, or
with the way Tw interprets it. Otherwise, it's either not created
(properly), or Tw has problems finding it.


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