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Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 12:57:15 CEST 2012

** Jean-Claude Raoult [2012-06-20 11:06:26 +0200]:

> Le 19/06/2012 23:43, Philip TAYLOR a écrit :

>>Jean-Claude Raoult wrote:
>>>1) Even when specified in the preferences, the default composer
>>>is never XeTeX but pdfTeX. Ihave to re-specify each time, even
>>>though "The normal TeXworks workflow is PDF-centric, using
>>>pdfTeX and XeTeX as typesetting engines". (I never use LaTeX,
>>>only Plain TeX, or rather XeTeX)

>>Works for me so long as I select it through "Default" (processing tools)
>>rather than by elevating it in the precedence list.  Windows 7, TW
>>0.4.3, r.858

> You are right, it works  this way.

> TeXworks macros, or TeX macros ?

> I understood that TeXworks macros only should be in $HOME/.Texworks.

What do you mean saying "TeXworks macros"? It is possible to write
script (using JavaScript, python and lua but this depends on build) and
place it in ~/.TeXworks/scripts. This directory already have some
scripts, you could look into them, if you are curious.

> Finally, I put my TeX macros (and other TeX files) in
> /home/raoult/Bibliothèque/localtex and in the preferences (Composer
> tab, path to TeX and associated programs) I added the path
> /home/raoult/Bibliothèque/localtex.
> Yet the composer cannot find them, and asks

Hint: if you want to use your plain TeX macros, place them in
Linux: ~/texmf/tex/plain/DIRECTORY_NAME_YOU_WISH_TO_USE
Windows: the same, but '~' means them value of %USERPROFILE% variable
(run in command prompt echo %USERPROFILE% to foind out the value).

> Please type another input file name:
> Then I indicate exactly the same path to the file:
> /home/raoult/Bibliothèque/localtex/macros
> and this time it does find the file. (?)

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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