[texworks] help needed

Felix Wieczorek felix at wieczorek-systems.de
Wed May 30 16:29:20 CEST 2012

--- Dona Strauss <D.Strauss at hull.ac.uk> wrote at Wed, 30 May 2012  
13:59:15 +0000: ---

> Very many thanks for your reply. I retyped the short file, because I  
> had deleted it. This time I was able to compile
> it, without receiving any error message. However, the title and  
> author were missing. I am enclosing the texfile
> and the pdf file.
>     Regards,
>       Dona Strauss
> [...]


this is not TeXworks related (TeXworks is the editor, but calls other  
programs of your miktex distribution), but you have to include the  
command "\maketitle" in your document in order to see title and author.

Felix Wieczorek

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