[texworks] Scripting root file behaviour

Thomas Fehige thomas_listen at fehige.de
Wed May 16 16:39:46 CEST 2012

Am 15.05.2012 19:03, schrieb Philip TAYLOR:
> Herbert Schulz wrote:
>> Doesn't placing the line
>> % !TEX root = path/to/root/file.tex
>> (where path/to/root/file.tex is the absolute or relative path to the
>> root file, file.tex) at the top of each of the included or input files
>> do the job?
> But what if one or more of the included or input files
> is referenced from more than one main file ? WinEDT's
> "Set main file" allows this, without requiring that
> included or input files be modified to indicate with
> which main file they are currently associated.
> Philip Taylor

Exactly. I maintain and develop my own (Xe)LaTeX style and class files 
and its their "nature" that they are to be used by more than one 
document. I mostly have a testbed document and the real thing and for 
another project I reuse older style and class files. In WinEdt I used to 
use the Main File mechanism quite regularly.

Stefan, the "undefined;"-workaround seems to do the trick, thanks!

All the best -- Thomas

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