[texworks] TeXworks and Microsoft Win7 Screen Magnifier

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun May 6 15:22:05 CEST 2012

Dear Elke,

On 2012-05-05 13:06, Elke Kirschbaum wrote:
> I am a German physics student and I just got introduced into the use
> of TeXworks and I would like to use it regularly for all kinds of
> documents.

Welcome to the TeXworks community, then :).

> But there is a huge problem. I have a visual impairment and that is
> why I have to use the Windows Screen Magnifier to work on a computer
> (I use it in full screen modus). This magnifier unfortunately is not
> working with TeXworks quite well. By typing a text, the magnifier is
> supposed to follow the text I am writing automatically. In TeXworks
> however it does not follow my writing at all and stays always at the
> same spot until I move it manually with the mouse (the magnifier
> follows the mouse cursor). This is pretty unhandy as I either do not
> see what I am writing or always have to use the mouse to follow my
> text, which takes a lot of time and is very annoying especially while
> writing longer texts.

Hmm... As far as I know, Qt (the library Tw is built on top of)
unfortunately has some problems with accessibility support (though so
far this has mainly come up in connection with screen readers, I think).
So the first question is where the problem is - in Qt, or in Tw. To
determine that, could you download the program
and run it? It's a very bare text editor widget produced by just a few
lines of code (btw, the name comes from the fact that I wrote this for
another bug report some time ago). If the magnifier works with it, there
is some problem in Tw. If not, the problem is most likely in Qt.

One alternative I can suggest (though I don't know if it would help) is
to turn up the font size in Edit > Preferences... > Editor (you'll need
to restart Tw for this to take effect).


PS @Johannes: "Follow Focus" doesn't help here. If activated, the pdf
previewer scrolls automatically according to the current cursor position
in the editor - but it has nothing to do with external tools such as the
Windows screen magnifier.

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