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> In your workflow, do you only have to request latex-mk run once or still run biblatex/biber separately from Texworks? Does latex-mk support Unicode and Bidi Text (Hebrew) as XeTeX?
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Latexmk is a perl script that acts very much like a specialized make program for running LaTeX. It will run (pdf/xe)latex (depending upon command line options) and the bibtex (or biber automatically) and/or makeindex and then the correct additional number of runs of (pdf/xe)latex to completely generate the bibliography and/or index and resolve all cross-references.

The latexmk program is part of recent versions of TeX Live; don't know if it's part of MikTeX. I use a Mac and have created tools that actually use the latexmk configuration and engine (shell scripts used by TeXShop---the equivalent of TeXworks Tools) files I created for TeXShop. The configuration files have additions to let you freely use the glossaries/glossary package as well as several index packages. I know others have adapted those files for use on other systems. The files used for TeXShop (with latexmk 4.31 --- the latest one available) are available as Latexmk431TeXShop.zip at <http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10932738/index.html>.

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