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please note that this mailing list is generally in English. So posting
in English will get you many more useful answers.

On 2012-04-23 16:53, Stefano Rigonat wrote:
> Salve, vorrei gentilmente chiedervi aiuto riguardo all'uso di LaTex
> (MikTex in particolare).
> Devo importare in MikTex un grafico esportato da Geogebra in formato
> PSTricks o PGF/TikZ. Quando provo ad eseguire il codice copiato da
> Geogebra mi viene chiesto di installare un pacchetto, necessario per
> l'esecuzione del codice con il grafico. Come si fa?

If I understand Google's translation of your request correctly, you're
trying to insert a graphic produced by Geogebra and are asked to install
a package. That is a task for your TeX distribution (MiKTeX). Please
read its manual - it will certainly have information on this. Typically,
you need to run the MiKTeX Package Manager.

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