[texworks] Scripting root file behaviour

Thomas Fehige thomas at fehige.de
Mon Apr 9 23:36:43 CEST 2012


I'm trying to get the behaviour in TeXWorks that WinEdt offers with 
their application-wide "main file" setting. There, the root file is set 
(or un-set) once by the user and then, no matter which file you are 
working on, the typesetting command will either run the "main file" or, 
if none is set, the file in the present window.

I've managed to set a global variable to contain the present file name 
and to retrieve that file name. I guess I'd also manage to save it when 
TW closes and load it again at the next start. But I have no clue how I 
can access/change the file name that is sent to the typesetting program. 
Any hints?

Thank you all -- Thomas

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