[texworks] message from TeXworks user re showing of quotes

Ian Balchin inksi at fables.co.za
Thu Apr 5 13:57:43 CEST 2012


I have just started using Texworks, and am preparing a document
with code examples in.

I have studied the pdf 'Not so short introduction to latex'
noting the comments on quoting and note that even that document
does not show single quotes correctly as shown in my terminal -
as single vertical dashes rather than in comma style. The
authors make a note of this even. Double quotes show fine as
double vertical dashes.

Whether I do the code examples as texttt or as verbatim makes no
difference to the appearance of the single quotes, is there a

Many Thanks

use monospaced font to format correctly  
    _       __        _ 
   (_)___  / /_______(_)
  / / __ \/ //_/ ___/ / 
 / / / / / ,< (__  ) /  
/_/_/ /_/_/|_/____/_/   

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