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Tue Apr 3 15:05:20 CEST 2012


On 2012-04-01 23:13, Amir Paster wrote:
> I am experiencing a bug when I "TypeSet" my document with
> pdfLaTex+MakeIndex+BibTex option: When typesetting is completed, the
> pdf window becomes tiny (zoom becomes 19.%) and this is quite annoying.

This is odd. I can understand that this is annoying.

Do you mean that the actual window is changed (i.e., including the menu,
toolbar, etc.), or is it just the zoom that is modified?
Do you use some "unusual" setup (e.g., multiple monitors, etc.)?
Does this happen for all sources (even something simple like a document
containing nothing but "Hello World")? (if not, could you provide a
(minimal) example file for which this problem occurs?)
Do you have any hook scripts activated?

> It seems that it (almost) does not happen though when I use other
> options such as pdfLaTex, XeLaTex+MakeIndex+BibTex

This is even stranger. "pdfLaTex+MakeIndex+BibTex" is a MiKTeX addition,
as far as I know, but that shouldn't make any difference, really.
Could you post here the definition of the "pdfLaTex+MakeIndex+BibTex"
tool (see the preferences dialog) and, if it points to a batch script,
the content of that script?

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