[texworks] Message from TeXworks user

grivet grivet at cnrs-orleans.fr
Thu Mar 1 11:21:15 CET 2012

Several advertised functions seem to be missing or inoperative in my 
version of TeXworks:

     parenthesis highlighting
     sync between latex and dvi

The dictionnary lacks many words; how can I insert a word from the 
current text?

Am I missing something or is this behavior normal for the WinXP version ?
Thanks in advance for any hint
JP Grivet

----- configuration info -----
TeXworks version : 0.4.3r857 (MiKTeX 2.9)
Install location : C:/Program Files/MiKTeX 
Library path : C:/Documents and Settings/grivet/Local 
Settings/Application Data/MiKTeX/2.9/TeXworks/0.4\
pdfTeX location : C:/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin/pdftex.exe
Operating system : Windows Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service 
Pack 3 (build 2600)
Qt4 version : 4.7.2 (build) / 4.7.2 (runtime)

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