[texworks] Deleting bbl as an Aux file

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 20:15:37 CET 2012


On 2012-01-30 19:49, Alain Delmotte wrote:
>> Putting this topic up for broader discussion, I'd be interested to hear
>> what people on this list think about adding .bbl files to the "remove
>> auxiliary files" list by default. I usually get them from BiBTeX, but
>> are there workflows where they are not generated automatically during
>> typesetting (e.g., written by hand, or produced by other applications
>> that are not usually run together with LaTeX)? If so, it would be bad to
>> offer to delete them by default, otherwise it might be worthwhile.
> But when one ask to delete the auxiliary files, one has a dialog box
> where you can select what to delete and what not.
> Or am I wrong?

You're right. But what is listed there is customizable (through
<resources>/configuration/texworks-config.txt). After all, you wouldn't
want, say, .tex files ending up there, and Tw doesn't know about file
types (for it, all files are text or image files).
So, the question is: should we add .bbl files to that list, or could
they be non-auxiliary files (under some usual workflow)?


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