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Sat Jan 21 01:00:59 CET 2012

Thanks Reinhard,

I was writing before the following was clarified by Felix ... "The line is
useful for good overview in the source .tex, not for breaking lines in the
resulting document."

So a lot of the discussion is redundant. I was writing form
the perspective of Felix wanting to know when a line broke in the .dvi or
.pdf output (and be warned in the TeXworks editor), as I could not
understand why if

   Edit/Preferences/Editor/ Wrap Lines

is ticked,
you would need to know where to manually break lines in the TeXworks editor
at all?


On 21 January 2012 12:47, Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de> wrote:

> On 2012-01-20 at 12:18:11 +1300, Paul A Norman wrote:
>  > Under Windows there is a standard api (GetTextmetrics
>  > GetTextExtent32 etc and newer) for calculating the fonted effect of
>  > a portion of plain ASCII
> Doesn't Qt provide a system independent layer of abstraction for these
> things?  Isn't there something like the the PostScript operator
> stringwidth, which takes font metrics into account?  I would be amazed
> if not.
>  > --- however this would not take into account any of the LaTeX
>  > packages that you were using or other effects, and would rely on
>  > .ttf or .otf (and perhaps .ps) fonts only.
> I don't see any relationship to LaTeX packages.  Of course, when
> talking about line breaking in text editors, it's essential to
> distinguish between ordinary text and computer code.  Not everybody is
> using LaTeX, but I think that it's sufficient to provide a primitive
> which protects a particular line from being broken automatically.  In
> order to determine where (at which line number) a verbatim section
> begins or ends, it's best to consult a script.  This way it's possible
> to support other formats than LaTeX too.  And if LaTeX macro packages
> provide verbatim-like environments which do not start with
> \begin{verbatim}, it's easy enough to adapt the script by adding a
> dedicated regular expression.
> As far as non-(Type1|TTF|OTF) fonts are concerned, the only format
> used in the TeX world is what Metafont creates.  However, these bitmap
> fonts are usually not accessible by anything else but TeX itself.
> IMO it's not worth thinking about them, nowadays nobody wants to use
> fonts anymore where glyphs consist of toy building bricks.
> Fortunately, almost(?) all these fonts are available as Type1.
> Regards,
>  Reinhard
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