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Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 01:59:56 CET 2012

** Gou, Bei [2012-01-17 14:10:02 -0800]:

> Dear Reinhard,

> Would you please check the attached log file for another format? This
> is the right format I will use for this paper. I have the same
> problem: cannot include the figures in the paper.

I'm not a Reinhard but could help a little.

1. This mailing list is intended to discuss TeXworks — the TeX front
end. Please see 'http://www.tug.org/mailman/listinfo' page, you need
texhax ML.

2. Make a minimal [not]working example, see

3. Read information about LaTeX, see for example

4. There are two graphic packages for LaTeX: 'graphics' and 'graphicx'.
In most cases the second is preferable (read documentation about them).
Both are distributed by modern TeX distributions (MiKTeX and TeX Live).

5. LaTeX format is supported by several engines: latex, pdflatex, xelatex
and lualatex. First one support images only in EPS format, pdflatex
support images in formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG (may be other raster formats).
The most suitable way to include images is following:
If you want to set explicitly height of an image use 'height' key,
(I take file name from your log file).

There are at least two problems with your document:

1. you use "old" command to insert images, Reinhard suggest to use
'graphicx' package (as would I), you change the document preamble but
don't change commands therefore one error message about 'Undefined
control sequence'; change all '\psfig' commands like below:
(taken from log file)
  \includegraphics{6bus} %%% don't specify height if image is inserted correctly

To work with both latex and pdflatex and don't bother what engine do
you use convert your PS images also to PDF format with the help of
'epstopdf' program (should be available in MiKTeX, if not install
apropriate package) like
C:\> epstopdf 6bus.ps
This command will create file '6bus.pdf'. After that above command '\includegraphics'
will work correctly with latex and pdflatex. Another option is to use
'epstopdf' _package_, just add it to your document preamble.

2. The second problem with math. From log file follows that on line 94,
environment 'eqnarray', the '\left{' should have the paired '\right'
command on the same 'line' (i.e. '\left' and '\right' shouldn't be
separated by '\\'). Without real document it is hard to say what exactly
is wrong. Also consider to switch to 'amsmath' package with more
convenient environments 'multline', 'gather', '[fl]align', 'slpit' (see

> Thanks  a lot,
> Bei
You are welcome.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

Everything you know is wrong!

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