[texworks] synctex does not work

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Jan 13 18:17:20 CET 2012

Bruce Hartman wrote, On 2012-01-12 23:09:
> Just installed latest Miktex 2.9 with texworks 0.4.3 t587 and control-click
> synctex does  not work.  there is a flash on the other screen, but the pdf
> file does not  move like it used to. Same going from pdf to source.
> Any ideas what is wrong?
> Thanks very much, I am a happy user in general.
> Best Regards,
> Bruce Hartman

Might be an idea to know a bit more about your system and your setup

For example, TW does not seem to like special chars in folder or file names.

When you compile and the PDF is loaded, does it say anything about 
synctex in the lower left corner of the pdf viewer?



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