[texworks] TeXworks & XeTeX : Pinyin u-with-third-tone

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Jan 3 21:50:41 CET 2012

On 2012-01-03 at 16:41:36 +0000, Philip TAYLOR wrote:

 > Dziękuję bardzo / vielen Dank, Felix.
 > The LM Mono 10 is certainly not something
 > I had considered, but definitely worth investigating.
 > Sadly \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{01D4}{\v{u}} is not
 > an option for me : I am a dinosaur who continues to write
 > in Plain TeX rather than join the LaTeX Lemmings :-)

I suppose that the idea was to use \v{u} in order to compose the
glyph and am sure that you don't need LaTeX in order to achieve this.

For a couple of months I'm using CharisSIL fonts for most of my
documents.  They are very legible on screen and paper, even at small
sizes.  I also tried the Charis Web fonts in a web browser at various
resolutions and was pleasantly surprised.

They are less "calligraphic" than Palatino, but still quite elegant
and even appropriate for documents where others would use sans serif

Since you are using Antykwa fonts for the newsletter, I'm wondering
whether you already considered to ask the authors to add the glyph.
I suppose that the glyph is missing because they didn't know that you
need it. 


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