[texworks] Mac OS TeXworks + fontconfig

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Fri Jun 24 00:08:05 CEST 2011

Dear Charlie,

> That makes sense to me. However the core problem that came up with the
> switch to Quartz seems to be that pTeX does not embed fonts. Should strict
> interpretation of document fonts take precedence over usability for
> non-english speakers?  Also worth noting is that TeXworks uses Fontconfig on
> Linux so we have already crossed this line to some degree.

In order to embed fonts in pTeX,
rewrite the file


as follows, for example:

%% ASCII pTeX Examples

%% Ryumin and GothicBBB found in PostScript printers:
rml  H Ryumin-Light
gbm  H GothicBBB-Medium
rmlv V Ryumin-Light
gbmv V GothicBBB-Medium

----> change the above like

%% ASCII pTeX Examples

%% embed Hiragino fonts:
rml   H HiraMinProN-W3.otf
gbm   H HiraKakuProN-W6.otf
rmlv  V HiraMinProN-W3.otf
gbmv  V HiraKakuProN-W6.otf


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