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> Hi!
> Le 20/06/2011 01:27, Charlie Sharpsteen a écrit :
>> On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 4:07 PM, Paul A Norman<paul.a.norman at gmail.com**>
>>  wrote:
>> Have you considered using a version control system such as Git,
>> Mercurial or SVN? Then you would just have one copy,
>> These-Fair-Isles.tex, and the ability to rewind to any prior version.
>> Plus, distributed systems like Git and Mercurial offer even more
>> security of work by allowing you to easily mirror your documents
>> across multiple computers in case the proverbial bolt of lightning
>> strikes your main machine.
>> -Charlie
>>  As I understand the documentations, these version control system require
> to work over internet! Right?
> Is there a system which could completely be installed locally? I mean
> working on a machine not connected to Internet or which doesn't require to?
> --
> Alain

None of these version control systems require internet access. In fact,
distributed systems like Git, Mercurial and Bazaar were specifically
designed to support working in situations where internet access is
unavailable. Even Subversion (SVN) can be installed and used locally
although it is more difficult to share access when the SVN
"central repository" is on your personal computer---unless you are
very comfortable with turning your computer into a web server.

If you are interested in using these systems, I would suggest:

  - Mercurial, as you can store a clone of your work to
Bitbucket<https://bitbucket.org/> which
offers unlimited private repositories.

  - Git, as you could sync your work to ScribTeX
<https://scribtex.com/>which also offers web-based editing and
compiling for TeX documents.

I make these suggestions because writing is often personal but you probably
want to store a copy of your work somewhere online (so it is easily
accessible from any computer) yet also have it private so only you can
access it.  Most distributed version control systems (git, mercurial,
bazaar, etc) can also sync over SSH, so you can store clones on any server
you have SSH access to.

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