[texworks] Mac OS TeXworks + fontconfig

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Mon May 30 20:48:54 CEST 2011


On 2011-05-30 19:52, Charlie Sharpsteen wrote:
> On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 4:25 AM, Jonathan Kew <jfkthame at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Maybe we could enhance the code to try both ZapfDingbats and ZapfDingbatsITC?
> I replaced the declaration of `myName` at the beginning of
> `GlobalParams::loadPlatformFont`:
>     char * myName = copyString(fontName);
> With:
>     char *myName;
>     if ( strcmp((const char*) fontName, "ZapfDingbats") == 0 ) {
>       myName = copyString("ZapfDingbatsITC");
>     } else {
>       myName = copyString(fontName);
>     }

Crude, but for debugging purposes effective (though ultimately, we
should probably try "ZapfDingbats" first; who knows if that isn't
available on some systems, or if Apple changes it in the future...).

> Lookup font: ZapfDingbatsITC
>    ATSFontFindFromPostScriptName found fontRef
>    found 'glyf' table
>    found in file: /System/Library/Fonts/ZapfDingbats.ttf
> Bogus memory allocation size

Strange. My guess would be that the .ttf has some problems, but we'll see.
Can you check (by adding "std:cerr <<" lines which of the lines
following the "found in file" message succeed? If it runs until the
"return gTrue;", the problem is (hopefully) not in our patch. Otherwise,
we know where to start digging.


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