[texworks] Updated builds of TeXworks for OS X

Charlie Sharpsteen chuck at sharpsteen.net
Sun May 15 03:01:26 CEST 2011

I just rolled up two new TeXworks binaries for Mac OS X:


(**NOTE that none of these links should be considered permanent, I may
have to delete builds to conserve disk space on GitHub. Generally I
will try to keep the last two builds available.**)

The first binary is for OS X 10.6.x and is x86_64 only. The second
binary is for OS X 10.5.x -- 10.6.x and contains both ppc and i386
architectures.  I don't actually have a PPC-based machine to test on,
so if someone who does could try out the Leopard build and let me know
if it works that would be awesome!

Compared to the first build I did, there are three improvements:

  - The first build does not contain a proper Info.plist file which
means OS X will not recognize it as an editor for `.tex` files.

  - The new builds contain Poppler font data which helps the PDF
viewer to display content such as CJK fonts.

  - The new builds have full scripting support by including Lua 5.1.4
and linking against the standard OS X Python frameworks (Python 2.6.1
on 10.6.x and Python 2.5.1 on 10.5.x).

Current issues with the builds:

  - If anyone is feeling artistic, it would be nice to come up with a
snazzy background image for the Drag N' Drop installer.

  - I am taking the path of least resistance by including Apple's
Fontconfig from /usr/X11/lib. It only adds a MB or so to the
distribution---do we really want/need to get rid of it? The process of
removing Fontconfig makes it much more difficult to set up an
environment for building redistributable packages. This would reduce
the number of people who could help with packaging OS X builds.

  - I noticed that the last official Mac build includes the following
Qt plugins:

    * accessible
    * codecs
    * graphicssystems
    * imageformats
    * script

    Currently, my builds don't contain any of these plugins and seem
to run fine (given extremely limited testing). Are any of these
plugins necessary?

Once some of these issues are resolved, we could look into packing up
a build of the 0.4.0 stable release.


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