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Joerg Klein joerg.kleinman at gmx.de
Tue May 10 14:28:04 CEST 2011


I trey to work with MikTeX. I got this errormessage. What ist wrong?

This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-1.40.11 (MiKTeX 2.9)

entering extended mode


that is all.

Thank you for the help


----- configuration info -----
TeXworks version : 0.4.0r759 (MiKTeX 2.9)
Install location : C:/Program Files/MiKTeX 
Library path : C:/Users/klein/AppData/Local/MiKTeX/2.9/TeXworks/0.4\
pdfTeX location : C:/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin/pdftex.exe
Operating system : Windows Microsoft Windows 7 Business Edition, 32-bit 
(build 7600)
Qt4 version : 4.7.2 (build) / 4.7.2 (runtime)

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