[texworks] About the native PDF viewer (feature request and a question)

Edoardo Vacchi uncommonnonsense at gmail.com
Mon May 2 16:01:19 CEST 2011

> Hi Edoardo,

Hi Paul

> .. Then going in the other direction, are you looking for information
> on a command line switch for what happens when you doubleclick in
> SumatraPDF?

there is a synctex-enabled build of sumatra available here
the command line for the tex editor can either be set via
switch or via an option in Sumatra's config dialog.

> Can we make TeXworks monitor a  port we could safely address in  a
> running copy of TeXworks - would be ideal and have a certain list of
> accepted registered commands like open this .tex document (if not
> already open) at this line number, and bring the appropriate editor
> window into focus? Perhaps also a 'port' command in the acceptable
> list that says insert this text at cursor position/line number?

many applications (such as texniccenter or texmaker) accomplish this
by allowing only one instance and looking at command line switches

> Or Edoardo, are you just looking for a means to yourself in C++ more
> directly integrate Sumatra into TeXworks itself (replacing poppler)?

As you are saying yourself, Sumatra is Windows-specific, so no. I'd
rather use an external editor or have poppler refined in its 'rough


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