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Hi Ovi,

Form among many very good ones these resources are very helpful:



Try searching on google with the phrase:

       LaTeX enumerate

Also you can download a Tw scripting extension which can give you a bit of
help on this from within your Tw editor window.


When you've followed the guidelines and  installed it, start it from within
the Editor with the Alt F1 + Alt 2 keys.

Type:   enumerate
in the text box.

And also try:

You'll find your script directory when you need it for install, from your
Help menu (on recent Tw releases) "Settings and Resources" and then the
config link, the Scripts folder is in there.

You can get a recent Tw release from here:


I think that version 801 is the most recent at the moment.


On 18 April 2011 13:35, Ovi Chitayat <ovadia at pacbell.net> wrote:

>  Hi,
> Is there a way to reset an enumeration counter ?
> I am looking to for a way to do a dual digit or even a triple digit
> enumeration
> and have control over restarting any of the digit counters from the initial
> value.
> Example of resulting enumeration:
> 1.1.1
> 1.1.2
> 1.1.3
> 1.2.1
> 1.2.2
> 1.3.1
> 2.1.1
> Notice: I need both LSB’s to be able to reset to the initial value.
> Ovi
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