[texworks] auto completion

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Apr 7 17:10:27 CEST 2011


One note: it is not useful to suppress the other completion 
Example: if you have the following completion short cuts

if you type "bit", then <tab> you get the first completion 
definition (bit), but typing <tab> again switch to the 
second (bite), <tab> again gets the third (bitemy) and <tab> 
again brings you back to the first one.

This allows to have, only typing bit<tab>:

and then typing <tab>


and so on...



Le 3/04/2011 12:34, Andreas Hirsch a écrit :
> quoting Stefan Löffler, [03.04.2011 11:56 +0100]:
>> On 2011-04-03 10:42, Andreas Hirsch wrote:
>>> now things work _nearly_ als expected, the expanded text is:
>>> \begin{itemize}
>>> \item \end{itemize}
>>> Could it be solved that:
>>> - \end{itemize} goes into the next line but
>>> - no empty line is produced?
>>> I mean
>>> \begin{itemize}
>>> \item
>>> \end{itemize}
>>> and the cursor is placed behind item?
>> Sure.
>> bit:=\begin{itemize}#RET#\item#INS##RET#\end{itemize}#RET#•
>> Should do the trick. Note that #INS# only marks the cursor position, it
>> doesn't insert anything (no spaces, newlines, etc.).
> works! great!
> Thank You!
> Andreas

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