[texworks] Fink Package (for MAC OS X) TeXworks 0.3 - Build error

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 12:36:26 CEST 2011


On 2011-04-01 18:34, Prerna Atri wrote:
> We have been working on porting TeXworks ( version 0.3) as a package
> on Fink.

It's great to hear that there still is some progress with Tw on the Mac
:). The latest version is labeled 0.5, though.

> We are using the following Fink packages for building TeXworks:
>     * qt4-mac ( v 4.6.3-2)
>     * poppler4-qt4-mac ( v 0.10.7-3)
>     * fontconfig-config ( v 2.8.0-4)
>     * poppler-data ( v 0.2.1-1)
>     * hunspell ( v 1.2.12-1002)
>     * poppler4-xpdf ( v 0.10.7-1)
>     * libhunspell ( v 1.2.12-1002)

Some of these seem outdated:
 * Qt - latest stable version: 4.7.2 (though the difference to the 4.6
series is probably not too important for Tw)
 * Hunspell - latest stable version: 1.3.1 (again, I don't think this is
very relevant)
 * poppler - latest stable version: 0.16 (now, this is very relevant!)
 * poppler-data - latest stable version: 0.4.4

> When building TeXworks after installing the above metioned packages,
> we are getting the following failure:
> //sw/src/fink.build/texworks-0.3-1/texworks-0.3/src/TWApp.cpp: In
> member function ‘void TWApp::init()’:/
> //sw/src/fink.build/texworks-0.3-1/texworks-0.3/src/TWApp.cpp:159:
> error: no matching function for call to
> ‘GlobalParams::GlobalParams(char*)’/
> //sw/include/poppler/GlobalParams.h:162: note: candidates are:
> GlobalParams::GlobalParams()/
> //sw/include/poppler/GlobalParams.h:157: note:                
> GlobalParams::GlobalParams(const GlobalParams&)/
> /** BUILD FAILED **/

This is a result of the ancient poppler version.
In recent versions (I think from 0.12 on), the constructor of
GlobalParams takes as argument the location of the private poppler
directory. Note, however, that for this to be effective, you need to
have a patched version of poppler, which I guess is not what you
(initially) want with Fink, unless you have to. For more information,
see src/TWApp.cpp (lines 148-152), as well as the lib-patches/ directory.

The easiest solution would be to comment out the line
in TeXworks.pro, though. This way, you will not be able to use a
poppler-data/ directory alongside the TeXworks.app bundle, but poppler
should look for the default ones in some system dependent global
directory. In any case, you should check if this works properly (i.e.,
it picks up the files installed by poppler-data).

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