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Dohyun Kim nomosnomos at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 03:09:19 CET 2011

Thanks for the precious informations.

2011/3/24 Jjgod Jiang <gzjjgod at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 12:40 PM, Stefan Löffler <st.loeffler at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, this is awesome. I'll add a link to it to the homepage (if I may).
> Sure.
>> BTW, svn trunk is functionally identical with 0.4.0 at the moment. This
>> will obviously change in the future, but for now I think it would be
>> best to keep to the 0.5 (=trunk) series anyway until we've worked out a
>> good way of general building and that has been tested thoroughly.
>>> I called it "quick" because I don't want to mess up with all the different
>>> SDKs and universal binaries stuff, but this build should fix most Mac users'
>>> needs.
>> I understand. Nevertheless, I have a few questions/requests - maybe you
>> can reply to some of them:
>>  * Could you give a brief overview what you did to compile Tw? I'd like
>> to start a section on the Wiki so others can reproduce your build. I can
>> fill in some gaps (like instructions about download packages, etc.), but
>> it would be great if you could provide a list of prerequisites, and the
>> non-standard build commands (if any).
> The most tricky part is poppler, I will describe the details below.
> hunspell is installed with homebrew, a simple "brew install hunspell" works.
> Attached a diff of what I changed in TeXworks.pro, just some small changes:
> - Use Mac OS X 10.5 SDK and gcc 4.2 instead
> - Add /usr/local/include and /usr/X11 so that header files for fontconfig,
>  etc. can be found.
> - Add /usr/X11/lib to library path so that system provided fontconfig lib
>  can be used.
>>  * In particular, did you build poppler without fontconfig? If so, how?
>> Did you use any Mac-specific patches?
> I built poppler with homebrew: brew install poppler --with-qt4 (I tuned
> the homebrew formula of poppler a little bit to use my own Qt build, but
> the one installed with homebrew should be good enough)
> The problem here is GlobalParams header used in TeXworks is no longer
> available publicly with poppler anymore (it seems poppler kept it as an
> internal header), poppler-config.h is not installed either, so I extract
> the poppler archive downloaded by homebrew, did a configure myself,
> copy the poppler-config.h and GlobalParams.h to /usr/local/include/poppler,
> then it turns out GlobalParams.h also depends on goo/*.h header files,
> so I just copied goo/*.h to /usr/local/include/goo as well. Since these
> are just header file copying, there is no need to build poppler again.

Hmm... These hassles were not needed for my part.
When having compiled poppler with "--with-qt4 --enable-xpdf-headers" option,
it turned out that all the header files needed for Tw have been
installed into /usr/local/include/poppler.


> Another problem is deployment, because TeXworks binaries built
> like this will link to libraries in local paths, which is not suitable
> for packaging and shipping. Luckily macdeployqt from Qt works almost
> perfectly, run it with TeXworks.app as argument, it will recursively
> resolve all the dependencies and copy them to Frameworks directory of
> TeXworks.app/Contents. A slight turning here is that it seems macdeployqt
> also copied some Qt frameworks we never used, like QtMultimedia, I
> kept only QtCore, QtGui, QtXml, QtScript and QtScriptTools, should be
> enough.
>>  * As a Mac developer, do you have any pointers to information regarding
>> different SDKs and universal builds? As a non-Mac person, I'm still
>> having trouble understanding all the technicalities involved.
> I decided not to use Mac OS X 10.4u SDK because it doesn't support 64-bit
> Cocoa, which is the normal configuration I build Qt with (there is a huge
> difference between Qt/Cocoa and Qt/Carbon, the latter is less actively
> maintained).
> 10.5 SDK turned out to be the best solution, to enable universal binaries
> we just need to make sure other libraries we linked also have binary of
> the architecture we need. For instance, if we want a TeXworks with x86_64,
> x86 and ppc support, it means:
> - Qt has to be built in all three architectures
> - hunspell must be built in all three architectures (so I need to change
>  the CFLAGS/LDFLAGS in hunspell formula if I want to build it with
>  homebrew)
> - poppler must be built in all three architectures
> - Other libraries we depend directly or indirectly must have the binary
>  for all three architectures (seems to be the case on 10.6 at least,
>  fortunately)
>>  * As a Qt developer, do you have any advice how to do universal builds
>> for Qt? I think it would be no problem for people experimenting with
>> building, say, hunspell or poppler with different config flags. But for
>> Qt (which takes hours to build) this would be really problematic, so any
>> hints are very welcome.
> Simply configure Qt with -arch x86 ppc x86_64 should do.
>> Thanks again for everything you shared so far (and maybe share in the
>> future),
> You're welcome.
> - Jiang

Dohyun Kim
College of Law, Dongguk University
Seoul, Republic of Korea

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