[texworks] "jump to source" not working 0.3r736

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 21:42:19 CET 2011


On 2011-03-09 20:32, Alain Delmotte wrote:
> Le 9/03/2011 17:40, Stefan Löffler a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> On 2011-03-09 16:27, Alain Delmotte wrote:
>>> Either with CRLF or LF I have the same:
>>> Jump to source or Jump to pdf brings the corresponding window under
>>> focus.
>> Are you talking about the line endings in the .tex file, or about the
>> line endings in the .synctex file? I was referring to the latter, which
>> normally should get created automatically and you don't have to touch
>> it.
> I mean the information appearing in the status bar *without editing
> the synctex file* but editing the source.

Yes. If I get this correctly, and you're only editing the .tex file, you
only change the line endings in there. This doesn't affect SyncTeX at
all. What Duncan was doing was editing the .synctex file, and there the
line ending characters matter.

>> There is a difference between "Go to..." (items in the Window menu,
>> shortcut Ctrl+'), and "Jump to..." (the items in the context menu you
>> get when you right-click). The former have no notion of position, and
>> indeed just switch the focus between the two windows. The latter do know
>> where you are (because you right-clicked there), so they take you to the
>> corresponding place in the other window. It's really the same as
>> Ctrl+clicking, just without any keyboard key ;).
> Right!
> I did learn someting today.
> When was this right-click action added?

Hm, I think it was there all the time. Almost, anyway. A quick search
through `svn log` shows:

r221 | jonathan at jfkew.plus.com | 2008-10-25 19:21:17 +0200 (Sam, 25. Okt
2008) | 1 Zeile
added contextual menu items for synctex


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