[texworks] Call for Help: Proofreading the manual

David J. Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Fri Mar 4 04:58:41 CET 2011

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for all your work on the manual; it will be very helpful for users. 
A quick read gives the following.


* * * * * * *

page 4: "font creator"  should read "font creators"

Ch. 2: MiKTeX now includes TeXworks; in fact, it is the default editor if I 
understand correctly.  So there is no need to download separately.  This 
version of TeXworks is customized by the MiKTeX folks, I think -- e.g., the 
printing feature is enabled. Perhaps a footnote explaining this?  IIRC, 
MacTeX now also provides TeXworks.

3.2.1:  Perhaps a little more should be said about fonts.  Those new to 
(La)TeX will be accustomed to using all their system fonts.  I suggest a 
statement that only fonts that come pre-installed with the TeX distribution 
can be used (if that's the correct way to phrase it; and how are new users 
supposed to know which fonts those are?) plus a pointer to a more detailed 
discussion of fonts in LaTeX.

page 19, next to last line: "code which represent" should read "represents"; 
periods missing after three footnotes.

In general, I think 4.4.2 needs a little work.   Beginners will have no idea 
what codes can be used; how is one to know that, e.g., \n replaces a 
carriage return?  (Maybe programmers all know this stuff and I don't; if so, 
my apologies -- but TeXworks is not only for programmers!)  Having a 
footnote that says the information is on the internet is not helpful; I 
suggest giving at least one reference or a suggestion of what to google for. 
[ADDENDUM: after writing this, I now see that Appendix has this information, 
so all we need here is a cross-reference to it.]  The title also may be too 
technical.  I totally ignored this when I first read the manual, thinking it 
was only for programmers.  When I reread it just now, I realized that this 
is something I do all the time in Word with search and replace.  Could it be 
called something like "search and replace formatting characters"?

4.5.1: the standard Windows redo shortcut, Ctrl-Y, works also; I don't think 
any Windows user normally uses Ctrl-Alt-Z.

4.5.4: . . . two types of quotation marks [no comma] in English: [colon not 
comma]  .  The curly quote at the end of the sentence should be replaced by 
a straight single quote, otherwise the whole point of the discussion is 

page 32: In English, the normal name for additional sections of text placed 
at the end of a document is "Appendices" not "Annexes."

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