[texworks] Spell Checking - user list - personal dictionary

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 11:24:50 CET 2011

This is experimental! Use at own risk - but looks like it could work on any OS

Its  a temporary workaround here, I have changed my script so simply
add the words I run the script on to the end of my (in my case)
en_NZ.dic found in <TeXworks config area>/dictionaries/

These additions will not take effect until Tw is restarted, but
meanwhile after adding them I can tell Tw to ignore them for the
current session, and then in following session they are known.

Make a copy of you dictionary first if you are going to do this!

This is a temporary EXPERIMENTAL workaround in scripting for saving
accepted words from spell checking marks.

  Use at Your own risk!

Again -  MAKE a BACKUP of your current dictionary first!!!

              put in any directory under your script folder.

 Turn on both Read and Write permissions in Edit/Preferences/ Scripts

 First usage will ask you to select your dictionary (ending in .dic).

        Selected text (User selects/double clicks - first)
 is added to the user's current dictionary, if no text is selected in
 editor, the current dictionary is opened for editing - look at the end of

 Additions do not take effect until TeXworks is started again - meanwhile for
 current session, tell spell checker to ignore word after adding it.

 Shortcut: Alt+H & Alt+S

Download from:



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