[texworks] [MacTeX] Call for Help: Mac builds

Marko Käning mk362 at mch.osram.de
Thu Feb 10 18:04:24 CET 2011

> After almost 120 h of compilation of the 211.768.512 bytes of
My goodness, 120h? What machine/processor was this? Normally a full 
fledged QT installation might need something like 5 to 6 hrs on a 3.4 GHz 
Dual Core iMac. I've never heard so far of 120hrs...

Was this a MacPorts-based install as well???

> 	--->  Dependencies to be installed: qt4-x11 gst-plugins-base gstreamer
> bison flex gzip texinfo xz libtheora libvorbis libogg orc mysql5 postgresql83
> ossp-uuid qt4_select unixODBC
Well, that means MacPorts wants to install QT once again...
Wondering why. Can only imagine that the install above wasn't MacPorts.

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