[texworks] Call for Help: Mac builds

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 09:46:46 CET 2011


as most Mac users of Tw have probably noticed, there haven't been any
updated Mac builds of the 0.3 development series in quite a while. The
reasons for that are manifold, but the main reasons are 1) that there
exist no simple, complete, and working instructions and 2) I have no Mac
myself to provide builds myself.
Since this is a community project, I'm asking all of you (Mac users) for
help with this. Rest assured that you will not be left alone with any
problems that may occur - that's what a community is for, after all.
Essentially, there are three things you need to have for such an
endeavor to be successful: a Mac, time, and persistence.
Programming/Compiling knowledge for the Mac is useful, but not really

So, if you're willing to help, just reply to this post on the mailing
list and we'll get started.


PS: We've done a similar thing for Windows in the past :).

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