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Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 04:38:27 CET 2011


I was wondering as even with a new spell checking engine there is going to
have to be a User's list any way, whether the present Hunspell engine could
be utilised to use/build a User's list in the TeXworks config subtree any

Would be so very helpful at this point to be able to save words to a
personal dictionary.

Especially if we had a menu item for opening the personal dictionary for
correction/editing in TeXworks?
And a context menu item for adding to the list during spell checking or even
just directly?

I.e see a red-underlined word, and right-menu it to add it to the personal


Page 3,
−p dict Set path of personal dictionary. The default dictionary depends on
the locale settings. The following environment variables are searched:
LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, and LANG. If none are set
then the default personal dictionary is $HOME/.hunspell_default.

Page 1,
Personal dictionaries are simple word lists. Asterisk at the first character
position signs prohibition. A second word separated by a slash sets the
In this example, "foo" and "Foo" are personal words, plus Foo will be
recognized with affixes of Simpson
(Foo’s etc.) and bar is a forbidden word.
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