[texworks] Problems on Ubuntu 10.10

Lutz-Peter Kurdelski lutz-peter at kurdelski.de
Tue Jan 11 23:00:22 CET 2011

Thanks for the hints. Let me summarize some information.

I installed TeXLive from a local copy of the DVD contents using
install-tl --gui=perl-tk
Luckily I could use the defaults except removing some documentation and
languages I do not use.

After that I installed - oops, may this be the problem -
with XeTeX extensions and

TeXWorks itself runs. I can use the KOMA-letter template and write nice
letters. But when I change to dinbrief.cls it fails.

Please note the following:

$ kpsewhich dinbrief.cls
$ locate dinbrief.cls

$ locate kpsewhich

and the path:
$ echo $PATH


Am 11.01.2011 20:40, schrieb Johannes Heck:
> 2011/1/11 Lutz-Peter Kurdelski <lutz-peter at kurdelski.com
> <mailto:lutz-peter at kurdelski.com>>
>     Hi,
>     I installed TeXLive 2010 on Ubuntu 2010 Desktop 64bit.
>     I had a simple problem getting TeXLive to work, based on an issue with
>     the correct settings of the PATH variable.
>     I did this change in the /etc/profile file adding the path to the TeX
>     binaries to the beginning of the list in the PATH variable.
>     Then I installed TeXWorks.
>     It work nicely unless I triy to acces somthing like 'dinbrief.cls'
>     which
>     is in the texmf-dist directory tree.
>     It looks like TeXWork does not do a correct filesearch. I also checked
>     as many configurations file as there are mentioned in the
>     documentation
>     but no luc.
>     To me it looks like either I missed to do some configuration or
>     there is
>     a simple problem in the configuration of TeXWorks.
>     Any hint welcome.
>     Regards
>     Lutz-Peter
>     Long time user of LaTeX (proTeXt)
> I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop AMD64 since today on my Laptop and
> i've just installed Tex Live 2010 (a decent selection) and TexWorks
> editor plus XeTeX packages via Ubuntu Software-Center and have no
> problems to run XeLaTeX or pdfTeX from TexWorks.
> How did you install TeX Live?

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