[texworks] Synctex with texi2dvi?

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 21:11:15 CEST 2010

On 10/08/2010 2:48 PM, Bruno Voisin wrote:
> On 10 août 2010, at 03:38, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> > I've just installed Ubuntu to try to get Sweave and TexWorks going
> > there.  I've got TexLive installed.  I had been using texi2dvi in
> > MikTex in Windows, but now the texi2dvi option
> > --tex-options=-synctex=1 doesn't work.  Is there some way to tell
> > texi2dvi to pass the synctex option to pdflatex?
> This must be a MikTeX-specific extension. Here on the Mac texi2dvi and texi2pdf are part of the OS (they're installed in /usr/bin) and they don't include any option for passing on arguments to (pdf)TeX:
> 	$ texi2dvi --help
> 	[...]
> 	Operation modes:
> 	  -b, --batch         no interaction
> 	  -c, --clean         remove all auxiliary files
> 	  -D, --debug         turn on shell debugging (set -x)
> 	  -h, --help          display this help and exit successfully
> 	  -o, --output=OFILE  leave output in OFILE (implies --clean);
> 	                      Only one input FILE may be specified in this case
> 	  -q, --quiet         no output unless errors (implies --batch)
> 	  -s, --silent        same as --quiet
> 	  -v, --version       display version information and exit successfully
> 	  -V, --verbose       report on what is done
> 	TeX tuning:
> 	  -@                   use @input instead of \input; for preloaded Texinfo
> 	  -e, -E, --expand     force macro expansion using makeinfo
> 	  -I DIR               search DIR for Texinfo files
> 	  -l, --language=LANG  specify the LANG of FILE (LaTeX or Texinfo)
> 	  -p, --pdf            use pdftex or pdflatex for processing
> 	  -r, --recode         call recode before TeX to translate input characters
> 	  -t, --command=CMD    insert CMD in copy of input file
> 	   or --texinfo=CMD    multiple values accumulate
> 	TEX (or PDFTEX), TEXINDEX, and THUMBPDF environment variables are used
> 	to run those commands, if they are set.  Any CMD strings are added
> 	after @setfilename for Texinfo input, in the first line for LaTeX input.
> 	[...]
> I think they are exactly the same scripts installed on GNU/Linux.
> What you could perhaps do is write a script setting first TEX to "tex --synctex=1" and PDFTEX to "pdftex --synctex=1" then calling texi2dvi. Something like
> 	#!/bin/tcsh
> 	set TEX= ("$TEX --synctex=1")
> 	set PDFTEX= ("$PDFTEX --synctex=1")
> 	texi2dvi "$1"
> The syntax is certainly wrong as I know nothing about shell scripts, and it is probably safer to add tests on whether TEX and PDFTEX are set in the first place.
Yes, thanks.

Duncan Murdoch

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