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On 17 July 2010 ThomasH wrote:

 > I am with Tex since late 1980'ties, used to use emTeX mostly for
 > many years, used to make my own fonts with metafont.  And yet
 > regardless this seniority, I have no clue what is TDS-compliant,
 > and so I am asking for help in setting this seemingly so basic
 > parameter:

I remember that the whole emTeX distribution was shipped on 10
floppies, and most of them provided printer drivers and source code.
Whenever a particular file was required, [La]TeX searched the whole
emTeX directory tree.  This was feasible on such tiny systems.

Modern TeX distributions are really huge (several GB) and searching
the whole tree would take too much time.  Therefore TDS (TeX Directory
Structure) was invented:


If a LaTeX .sty file is required, only the branch tex/latex is
searched and if a Type 1 font is required, only the branch fonts/type1
is searched.  This speeds up file loading significantly.

I assume that the link above provides the information you need but
please ask again if something is still unclear.


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