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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Sun Jul 18 00:35:12 CEST 2010

Le 17 juil. 2010 à 20:54, ThomasH a écrit :

> I cannot find a place to add the path my all macros and styles, 
> what is D:\TeXmac.
> [...]
> When I start MikTeX tool to add "roots" path, in the hope
> that would me used by TeX, system says "Not a TDS-compliant
> root directory."

I imagine this means the directory you are trying to add to the path is not organized internally according to the TeX Directory Structure. For example, in a TDS-compliant texmf tree, LaTeX input files go to texmf/tex/latex, PostScript fonts in texmf/fonts/type1, MetaFont sources to texmf/fonts/source, and so forth.

I'm not a Windows user and am not familiar with MikTeX, unfortunately. Does texdoc exist on it? If so, then run "texdoc kpathsea" and look at section 2.4 giving a brief summary of TDS. Otherwise see <http://mirror.ctan.org/info/doc-k/kpathsea.pdf>.

Bruno Voisin

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