[texworks] Scripting + Updates (was: HELP: Integrated Tw LaTeX2e Help dialogue)

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 04:41:16 CEST 2010

>> There will be so many people getting Tw through the MikTeX release

 (and no doubt others to come)

>> would be good to have an automatic updater perhaps?
> AFAIK, updating in MiKTeX should be handled by the MiKTeX updater
> automatically.
> But you're right, of course. However, there's still the unsolved problem
> of how to update the resource folder (templates, code completion, etc.)
> without having the user to remove the whole thing. So I guess such a
> feature won't land very soon (not before the release, anyway).
> In addition, stable releases don't happen that often. The current one
> has been around for about a year now. The situation is different for the
> experimental versions, of course, but this was intended for use with
> version control by people who build Tw themselves. This has changed a
> bit, of course...
>> Can CTAN or TUG help with a permananet site for stable releases, and
>> an option for update to development releases?
> I think we discussed this briefly with Jonathan and Karl (Berry) some
> while back. In principle, yes, but... ;). First of all, we'd probably
> need builds for many different platforms, OSs, etc (the Linux universe
> is nearly endless ;)). And secondly, this still doesn't solve the "how
> to actually perform the update" problem.
> But essentially, we have something like that, anyway, as Tw releases
> seem to be timed with TL releases ;). So binaries should be available
> from some TL mirror servers, but don't ask me how, exactly.

Some thoughts before things grow any bigger!!!

"One Registry file to find them all"

(Xml would be very useful to scripting, and so either ...)

A central (constantly updated) xml or JSON, Registry file that points
to each OS version's latest and most upto date binary Uri location,
able to be called for by the Tw application or TwScript (if I may call
it that). TwScript then compares its own Tw version and OS informaton
against the downloaded Tw Registry (JSON or xml) and determines if a
newer version is available or not.

Perhaps a key reated to OS and Tw version and type (Developmetn or
SDtable) could be genreated that is tested agaisnt the Registrty?

This may be should be extended to cover plugins released for Tw for
eachg Os as well?

One Registry file in one location that maintains information for all
OS Tw versions and plugin(s) being furnished.

The Registry file to contain information about both the latest Stable
and latest Development binary editions being made available. The Tw
applicatoin identifying internally to iteslf as either a Stable or
Development edition.

These binarys can then be made available from diverse locations
provided by Tw OS (and MiKtTeX like release) Maintainers,  -- only the
registry file Uri needs to be kept fairly constant.

It would be good perhaps to find arrangements with the maintainers of
relesases like MiKTeX to perhaps have their adaptations to Tw handled
by plugin(s) so that the general programme could still be updated in
this manner and their own plugin(s) could also be updated in the same

Mainteainers informing a Registry file Maintainer of availability of binaries.

"One Registry file to find them all" :) :) :)


> Stefan

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