[texworks] HELP: Integrated Tw LaTeX2e Help dialogue

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 07:59:20 CEST 2010


Am 2010-07-01 07:50, schrieb Paul A Norman:
> I've removed the download.

There's no need to. Jonathan committed the modality patch (all dialogs
are forced to be modal for now) yesterday. So it should be safe.

> On 1 July 2010 17:38, Paul A Norman <paul.a.norman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "Until Tw crashed (reproducibly) without obvious reason
>> to the user."
>> Was that with an unsaved new document or a general saved document please?

This didn't matter. If you closed the document from which you called the
script, Tw would crash as soon as the script ended. As I wrote
previously, I assume that it tried to access/free memory that was no
longer available as it had belonged to the calling window.


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