[texworks] HELP: Integrated Tw LaTeX2e Help dialogue

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 07:35:14 CEST 2010

Dear Stefan,

Thanks for that.

* I'd love to see a splitter widget between the index on the left and
the main content on the right so that the user can resize the areas as

That sounds great. I'm looking at introducing some tabs so I'll work
it in with that.

* I sometimes got an empty window when clicking on an item in the list
(the content area was updated correctly, though). This seems to be a
display error with the helper window from getText() that is not hidden
properly. Adding TW.yield() after the close() statement got rid of this.
* There's a bug in getText(). If I have an unmodified, untitled
document, Tw automatically replaces it with the content of the loaded
file. If that is the only window and it is closed later on, Tw
effectively closes as soon as the script ends. Also, it seems to
segfault in this case, though I don't know exactly why (probably it
tries to free some memory that is no longer available; @Jonathan: we
should look into this before the release; also see below)

Above covered in another posting.

* "<Back" and "Forward >" seem to be grayed out all the time

I think you found the answer to that. Only works for local files in
the main window - can't access the history object in Qt 4.3 to add

* What's the difference between "Commands" and "Commands (Tw User)"?
Maybe this can be clarified somehow/renamed?

Commands will be static as per Karl's releases.

I'll probaly read both in and parse them removing duplicates for the
left menu, Commands (Tw User) is the recomeded menu file for User to
edit, point 12. in help info.

Could just change it to Tw User Menu, but it is to be a list of
command links - own and other packages, or what ever they want to use
it for.

* I find it rather odd that there are "Cancel" and "OK" buttons, with
the latter pasting the current selection automatically (without
indicating to do so), especially since there's "Paste Selection...".
IMO, a simple "Close" button would be sufficient. But that's probably a
matter of taste.

Some people will open the help to use quickly for just one thing,
select something and then intutively, in closing it, want to say OK to
get their selected text pasted in Tw Editor.

Labs have shown that if someone is only doing one thing, they will
tend to think of OK-ing that  choice.

Others will be deliberatively going through looking for a number of
things to paste in one after the other -- hence two options.

Hope you are enjoying seeing your and Jonathan's efforts to give us
realistic scripting put to use!

Thanks Stefan,


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