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Tue Jun 29 01:48:47 CEST 2010

Thanks Stefan:

After some more digging around, there seems to be a problem in
displaying the proper page size as requested by the geometry package.
Read on.

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 1:22 AM, Stefan Löffler <st.loeffler at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 2010-06-27 21:39, schrieb kap4lin:
>> On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 10:04 PM, kap4lin <kap4lin at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I updated TeXworks to the current r663 version and "hell broke loose."
>>> The CPU usage is 100% when a pdf file is opened. And Tw just stops
>>> working. I have to kill the process. But no problems when just a tex
>>> file is opened. Essentially, it is unusable now!
>  * Does this happen with all pdfs, even simple "Hello World" ones?

Yes, whenever something other than "letterpaper" is set as the page
size. I've attached a tex file - it has three cases, of which the
third one (a4paper) creates problem. I'll be referring to these cases
in this reply. Of course, a5paper or a3paper also create the same

>  * Does this happen if you start Tw in "pdf mode" (i.e., by running
> `texworks myfile.pdf` to avoid loading any TeX window)?

Case 3: Yes; Cases 1,2: No

>  * What version did you upgrade from? (I know that you probably won't
> know, but just to get an idea; do you update daily, weekly, monthly, or
> have you been working for the last half year without update?)

Upgraded from r649. (Had a backup from last week!)

Actually, this issue was present in r649 as well, but I never tried to
compile a template file (File > New from template > Basic LaTeX
documents > article.tex). Which I happened to do this time after
updating and got stuck.

>  * Did you change anything else? (E.g., upgrade your operating system,
> rebuild (one of) the libraries, etc.)

Yes, of course ;) But not the OS: it is at RedHat 5.5.

Updated to the last available Texlive 2009 (which is now frozen).

The status quo, in all the 8 following cases, is this: Case 3: 100%
cpu, Cases 1,2: fine

Tw r649 + Qt 4.5.3 + poppler 0.12.2
Tw r649 + Qt 4.5.3 + poppler 0.14.0
Tw r649 + Qt 4.6.3 + poppler 0.12.2
Tw r649 + Qt 4.6.3 + poppler 0.14.0

Tw r663 + Qt 4.5.3 + poppler 0.12.2
Tw r663 + Qt 4.5.3 + poppler 0.14.0
Tw r663 + Qt 4.6.3 + poppler 0.12.2
Tw r663 + Qt 4.6.3 + poppler 0.14.0

As you might have guessed. There is some interaction with the page
size display. pdflatex compiles fine and both kpdf (from kde 3.5) and
acroread can open hello_world.pdf in all three Cases. Looking under
File > Properties in acroread shows the correct page dimensions as
specified using \usepackage[...]{geometry} which implies that
pdflatex's compilation is fine.

Btw, is there any benefit in Qt 4.6.3 from Tw's point of view?

> Somehow, this all sounds like a poppler issue to me as Tw doesn't do
> much for the rendering of pdfs itself. But AFAIK there have been no
> changes to that lately. The only thing that did change (but shouldn't
> cause such severe problems, at least at first glance) was the way pdfs
> were attached to texs (so they close together, for example). So:
>  * If you have an idea of the last revision that worked, could you
> backdate your working copy to that (by `svn update -r <REVNO>` where you
> fill in "<REVNO>") and see if it still works as expected? If it does,
> could you narrow down the revision that introduced the problem?

See above.

In the meanwhile, I've tested Tw r663 on some of my actual documents
which either don't have any paper specification or has letterpaper
specified. And everything works fine.

So, after all this, is it a poppler issue?

FWIW, my TL installation was done by opting for letter instead of a4
and 'tlmgr paper' shows all paper sizes as letter.

[ignore the static build issue for now.]

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