[texworks] %!TEX tags

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 19:03:20 CEST 2010

On Jun 26, 2010, at 12:03 PM, Stefan Löffler wrote:

> Well, using FiNK's tools is simply impossible, because I guess they  
> rely
> on the actual LaTeX run up to that point.

As I said I am no programmer so, just to be sure, I don't mean fink  
as in installing LaTeX stuff but fink as in package{fink} and fink.sty

> In fact, also the use of
> \jobname doesn't really use the LaTeX symbol, but rather emulates its
> behavior as Tw simply replaces it by the actual file name. But  
> providing
> the different parts of the current file's path (e.g., $fullname,
> $basename, $fileext, $filedir) should be possible easily. Support for
> something like \maindir on the other hand won't be easy to accomplish
> right now, though.

Well, all my stuff always resides in subfolders of one big folder so  
that ought to be good enough.

However, I don't understand the syntax of  $fullname, $basename,  
$fileext, $filedir. Is it internal to TeXWorks or should I change


which is using fink.sty?

Hopeful regards

P.S. I just downloaded TeXworks-Mac-0.2.3r466 and it opens and  
typesets chapters OK but when I tried to typeset Quiz 1 from QUIZZES- 
controls > 1,

(You can download it from http://www.freemathtexts.org/System/ 

Here is what I got

/usr/texbin/pdftex: unrecognized option `-synctex=1'
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.141592-1.40.3 (Web2C 7.5.6)
entering extended mode
! Undefined control sequence.
l.1 \InputIfFileExists

This is not my code, though, and I will have to let the author know. 

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