[texworks] Working with a Master Document and opening its inputs{} and \includes{}

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu May 6 12:43:53 CEST 2010


I needed to search all the files input{} or includes{} were referring
to in a Master Document.

This script may help to get the \input and \include files of a master document
opened, (please let me know about any bugs/improvements paul . a .
norman TA gmail.com ).

I am using Tw version 0.3 revision 606

Main Usage Points ( more in openAllinputs-tex.js):

1. If the cursor is between the braces of an \include{here.tex} or
\input{there.tex} that document only will be opened

2. If you Select some lines of text anywhere (even before or after the
document environment) all \include{my-files.tex} or
\input{my-other-files.tex} will be opened (even for \include{files.tex}
that are not in \includeonly{list.tex,of.tex,files.tex} )

3. If you Select nothing and the cursor is not between
\something{braces} then all active \input{}-s and include{}-s between
\begin{document and \end{document} will be processed.
If an  \includeonly is active in the preamble (not % commented out) it will be
used to check for any \include{file-names.tex} before using them


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