[texworks] Sync with external editor? (almost working!)

Ryan Long rdlong at gmail.com
Mon May 3 20:59:12 CEST 2010

First, I love Texworks!  I am using it as my viewer with vim, and it
works great.  It updates live as I make changes, which is terrific.

The only thing that is not working is sync.

When I call Texworks as my PDF viewer from vim, it does find the
SyncTex file.  I get a little status notification
at the bottom of the screen that says Synctex: "/path/to/filename.synctex.gz"

When I try to do a search from vim, I get this error in Texworks:
"Cannot read file "$X":
No such file or directory", where $X=the line number in my .tex file
corresponding to the search.

This seems so very close to working!  Does anyone have a suggestion on
how I could fix this?


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