[texworks] Scripting: Any Windowed Application that Can Write to the Console

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 15:13:32 CEST 2010


Ive been looking at some of the recent html and like issues from a
different perspective.

And came to the somewhat obvious  conclussion that with the work that
has already gone into providing scripting in Tw and the availablilty
of the system function, anything that could write to the console under
its OS could provide capturable text for Tw to us, and this may hep in
the current discussion.

What I was not sure about esp for MS Windows was that a windowed
application (forms application)  could readily do this in a thread
safe manner and not hit name-space issues.

On the website below is a proof of concept which may open up some
exciting possibilities.

Unzip into your 'scripts' directory - allowing Use Folder Names, in Tw
Reload Scripts, and look for a new menu item, Delphi Trials.

You'll have to have selected the  Edit/Preferences/Scripts Allow
System Commands option.

This has only been tried under Windows Xp so how Windows 7 or Vista
would behave is an open question, but this is all pure Win32 code so
it should work there very well.

As it includes a windows binary please download it from here:
http://PaulANorman.com/trials/ (the source code is there too).


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