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Am 2010-04-09 11:41, schrieb Rajendra Singh Thakur:
> I installed TexWorks (3.0) from ubuntu repositories on a Kubuntu 9.10
> (KDE SC 4.4.2) system. I have used the older version on Mac OS X and
> it was snappy and responsive.
> The problem with Ubuntu repo TexWorks is that it often hangs
> temporarily. If I open an old file edited by Texmaer, it hangs.AFter
> compiling the document on TexWorks, responsiveness restores. But it
> still hangs temporarily. Knowing that it is not a stable release, I
> hope such an input might be useful for the developer.

Thanks for the report - bug reports are always useful.
A few questions:
 * Did you try compiling Tw yourself (it's really quite simple on
Ubuntu; see
The reason I ask is that I never tested Tw on KDE, so there may be
problems hidden there.
 * What do you mean by "it hangs"? Apparently, you were able to compile
the document, so there must have been some way to interact with the
 * Are the hangs repeatable (e.g. always happen with one document, but
not with another)?

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